Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts :: Overview
Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts (also known by many as jarts) is regarded as quite possibly the most celebrated backyard game of all time. Although the game has been banned in the United States since December of 1988, many growing up in the era are still drawn to Lawn Darts and their memories of playing it with family and friends.

Seemingly popular with players of all ages, the darts and, more specifically, the 12-inch sharp metal tips were deemed dangerous after many accidents across the United States. This eventually led to their dangerous stigma as well as the nationwide ban.

In 2009 however - more than twenty years later - the most dangerous backyard pastime returned, this time in the form of a trackball. Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts took the danger out of playing and replaced it with four new and unique virtual Lawn Dart games.

While many will immediately be drawn to the familiar Classic Lawn Darts, each game provides players with different objectives and strategies to succeed.

Poker Darts

Poker Darts: May the best five-card hand(s) win! The better your hand, the more points you'll earn. Pair it up, set it Straight, fill the House, or better yet, become Royalty!


Cricket: Close out your numbers or play for points? One thing's for sure, doubles, triples, and bullseyes will guide you to victory, no matter how you decide to play!


501: Countdown from 501, and get those points any way you can! Plan carefully as you approach zero, and make sure to hit that double to secure victory!

lassic Lawn Darts

Classic Lawn Darts: The game you know and love - with a twist. The inner ring is great, but hitting the Red Dot Bonus can be the difference between an average game and one for the ages!