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Classic Lawn Darts

How To Play
Each Classic Lawn Dart game is eight innings long, with players getting three lawn dart tosses per inning. There is an outer ring, inner ring, and red dot, all of which net players a different amount of points. Tossing a dart inside the outer circle is always worth one point. Tossing inside the inner circle will always earn a player three points. Hitting the Red Dot Bonus in the center of the inner circle will earn players anywhere from five to forty points depending on the inning.

Classic Lawn Darts, Rules

Red Dot Bonus
The Red Dot Bonus is critical to the scoring in Classic Lawn Darts. The value for an inning's current Red Dot Bonus value will be listed in the bottom left portion of the screen. Inning one has a Red Dot Bonus of five points. After this, the Red Dot Bonus will increase by five every single round. For example, inning two will have a Red Dot Bonus of ten, inning three will have a Red Dot Bonus of fifteen, all the way up to the final (eighth) inning which has the maximum Red Dot Bonus of forty.

Classic Lawn Darts, Red Dot Bonus

Up to 16-players can play Classic Lawn Darts, and all players can choose between a male or female character. Each player is given a distinct shirt color with his or her player number and initials on the back. Initials are entered after each player scores their first point.

Classic Lawn Darts, Player

Game Modes
Practice your toss in a single player game or take down your friends for Target Toss bragging rights! One to four players can play at once. There are also 4-player, 8-player, and 16-player tournaments. In these tournaments players faceoff against one another in single-elimination match play; winners of each game move on until a champion is crowned!

Classic Lawn Darts, Game Modes

The scoreboard displays the current score, inning, and remaining darts per player. When a player is up, their remaining darts will light up to represent how many tosses that player has left.

Classic Lawn Darts, Scoreboard

The wind indicator shows the strength and direction of the wind. As the innings progress the wind gets stronger! Players can battle the wind by spinning the trackball forward left or forward right while throwing a dart, or by adjusting their aim using the trackball prior to their toss.

Classic Lawn Darts, Wind

Shot Angle
The shot angle indicates what angle a lawn dart will fly at. High shots fly further and higher, but they are also impacted more by the wind. A lower angled shot will not travel as far, but will stay low and fly through stronger winds.

Classic Lawn Darts, Shot Angle

There are three different virtual environments in which games randomly take place: the backwoods at beautiful Camp Blackfoot, the bright and busy Morgan County Fair, and the sandy, sunny Hanamalu Bay.

Classic Lawn Darts, Environments