How To Play Bags
menubar Wind Scoreboard Shot Indicator Vegas Mode Scoring Low Toss High Toss Trackball Start/Options Shot Type Player/Game Modes Environment
The wind indicator shows the strength and direction of the wind. As the innings progress the wind gets stronger!

Wind Indicator
Target Toss Pro: Bags uses the traditional scoring rules from the real game of "Bags" or "Cornhole" with a twist. The objective is to get points by throwing bags onto the box or into the hole. Scoring
  • 5 POINTS: Each bag that goes into the hole without touching anything. AKA, a swish or the "perfect five"!
  • 3 POINTS: Each bag that goes into the hole that's not a swish.
  • 1 POINT: Each bag that lands and stays on the box.
  • 0 POINTS: Each bag that misses the box.
  • -1 POINT: Each bag that was on the box and knocked-off.

In a 1, 2, or 3 player game, players get a card from a standard single deck for every bag thrown into the hole! Compete for the best score and the best poker hand too! The fun "Call Your Shot" feature is also part of Vegas Mode. Press the "start" button when a bag is in flight and "Call Your Shot" in midair!

*Vegas Mode is not available in some states.
Up to 16-players can play TTP: Bags at once. Everyone can choose between a male or female character, and players are given a distinct shirt color with player number and initials on the back. Initials are entered after a player scores their first point.

  • ONE PLAYER: Play for high score or just practice!
  • TWO PLAYER (Head-to-Head): Play your friend!
  • THREE PLAYER (Cutthroat): Three players throw at same box, every player for themselves!
  • FOUR PLAYER TEAM PLAY (Two-vs-Two): Bags at its finest! Two, two-player teams.
  • FOUR PLAYER TOURNAMENT: A four-player single elimination tournament. See who's the best!
  • EIGHT PLAYER TOURNAMENT: An eight-player single elimination tournament. Who is the king of the hill?
  • SIXTEEN-PLAYER TOURNAMENT: The crown jewel! A sixteen-player single elimination tournament.
Trackball The trackball controls the toss. Just like Silver Strike Bowling, roll the trackball back and then forward to toss the bag. The angle of the backswing (rollback) will have no effect on the bags direction, but the direction of the forward swing is a critical factor for fighting the wind.

This button lowers the launch angle of the bag toss down to 8°. Lower tosses are great for knocking other bags off the box but can be tough to keep on for points.

Low Toss
The scoreboard displays the current score, inning and remaining bags per player. When a player is up, their remaining bags will light up to represent how many tosses that player has left.

Shot Indicator Before a bag is thrown, the shot indicator shows players which SHOT TYPE and SHOT ANGLE are active. Be sure to double-check the shot indicator before every toss and remember that varying degrees of shot angles with different shot types gives players a wide range of options for competitive play.

This button increases the launch angle of the bag toss up to 30°. Higher tosses are great when going for the "swish" but can be tough with a strong wind.

High Toss
Start/Options This button is used to start an idle game or to bring up the options menu during an active game. It also activates the fun "Call Your Shot" feature if pressed when a bag is in flight. "Call Your Shot" in midair and prove your buddies wrong!

This button changes between three different shot types:
  • Flop (default): A "flop" shot sticks to the box when it lands. This is great for getting on the box but makes it tougher to get in the hole.
  • Slide: A "slide" shot moves up the box after it lands. This is great for three-point hole shots but be careful not to slide off!
  • Bounce: A "bounce" shot jumps after it lands on the box. This is a great way to bounce over an opponent's bag without pushing him in the hole.
Shot Type
There are three different virtual environments in which games randomly take place: a summer day at Chicago's Grant Park, a tailgate party before the big game at Shane Stadium and a sunny afternoon on the beach at Parrot's Cove.